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    Why you need to have a professional looking website!

    Your website is your shop window. It is in competition with thousands, perhaps even millions of web sites throughout the world. A professional appearance will give your visitors the confidence to deal with you, instead of a competitor.


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    How to create beautiful web sites and graphics for the web!

    A great website is one with bright, eye-catching colours, well laid out and easy to read text, and, most importantly, content which is highly relevant to what your visitor is searching for.


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    How to create a website that really sells your product, service or idea!

    There are innumerable tools you can use online to help you create a stunning website. Some are free, and some (not always the best ones) have to be paid for.


Visual Elements

The use of images is also very important to your website as it can help massively when it comes to capturing the attention of your audience. Images can be extremely powerful and transcend words - to allow a better understanding of the message your website is trying to convey. We, as consumers are visual creatures and are often drawn to pictures rather than text, in fact, research shows websites that use engaging images attract a significantly higher amount of traffic than those who don't use many or any at all.

Much like appealing copy, powerful images can make a big impact as first impressions are formed within a matter of seconds, meaning the images you use will either entice the visitor, or not. However, how important of a role a website’s images play also depend on the main purpose of the site, for example, an e-commerce website would benefit greatly from high quality images as they allow sellers to show off their products - research shows that over 50% of consumers believe the quality of a product image is a more important than a product’s description or reviews, when it comes to their purchasing decision process.

Taking your own images

Some websites opt to use their own images which can be taken themselves or with the help of a professional photographer. Using your own images ensures the images appearing on your website are unique and owned by you, therefore cannot be used by anyone else without your permission.
Taking your own photos is also a great way to add a personal touch - a company that includes photos of their employees on their website are more likely to generate more attention than a website that uses generic stock-images of a workforce.
Using your own images always means saving on costs, as images can be easily captured using a smart phone or digital/SLR camera.

Purchasing images

There are plenty of stock photo websites which allow users to purchase and download images to use on their own sites. These images are high resolution and can be downloaded in a range of sizes, depending on what fits your needs.

There are also websites which allow you to source free of charge images for your website, which is fantastic for those who do not have a high budget to work with. A downside of using free stock photos however, is that they will also be commonly used by others which means these images will not be unique to your website, therefore putting your competitors who have exclusive images at an advantage.

When deciding on which images to use on your website, it’s also vital that you check whether or not you’re legally allowed to use them, as many images are copyrighted, meaning those who use them without permission can be faced with a hefty fine or compensation claim.